This is the Baby Room, for up to 6 little ones at a time, that are not yet walking. Due to the small numbers we can dedicate our time to each baby’s needs and we have the ability to provide a calm atmosphere, essential for emotional development.

We have a knowledgeable, experienced team and we provide for the individual interests of each baby, and notice each small step of their development. We introduce new resources and ideas to support each stage of development. These are usually from natural materials ensuring a better sensory experience.

Music is enjoyed daily by the babies in short sessions which involve even the youngest babies and enjoyment and interaction is the aim. Many babies learn to ‘ask’ for more.

Each baby’s routine is followed closely so we may not all eat together, and sleep is organised to suit the baby’s individual needs and routine.

Activities include simple games, stories, interactive rhymes, exploring sensory toys and water play indoors.

Natural and imaginative collections of resources are enjoyed with the babies and staff together. We all enjoy close physical contact with each other and the games make for much laughter and fun.

Our babies love being outside, going for walks or playing in the garden at times when our more robust children are indoors. We feel the grass and the wind, are fascinated by the shadows and explore the natural environment.