There are 2 rooms for the children who have moved on from the owls and they stay in the kingfishers until going to school. The room is led by a graduate Nursery Teacher with the support of a nursery assistant.

The environment is organised to make all equipment accessible and each room has cosy corners, role play areas, numeracy corners and more busy areas for role play and construction.

A large part of the day is spent outside engaged in construction, role play, investigations and learning about the natural world.

Independence is encouraged as is a willingness to help with clearing the tables, putting toys away when finished with and sweeping the floor after messy activities.

The children’s interests are planned for using a wide variety of activities such as den building, creating through transient art or building environments for dinosaurs, insects, fairies or the wee folk. Problem solving, confidence and independence as well as all seven areas of the pre-school curriculum are approached in a way that encourages curiosity, exploration and investigation. Independence in learning enables children to develop their interests and through real life scenarios they learn about the world around them. We also have the activities you would expect such as puzzles, cooking, art and craft sessions, board games, computer skills and story times using differing resources to add variety and child participation.

The children and staff plan and record the day together and we support all the children in their learning journeys. There is an air of busyness in the rooms and of sharing, listening and teamwork amongst the staff and children.

Throughout the nursery, praise and encouragement are paramount, We support children in tackling problems encouraging a willingness and perisitence to develop competence and independency by giving them the time and help they need. We set up experiences which enable children to transfer skills they have learnt previously. We ensure there are enough adults to help the children understand what is happening in a group situation.